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Sad News - Ankhorite's Passing

Hello Friends,

It is with great sadness that I need to pass on the news that Ankhorite has passed away. She died of a cardio-pulmonary embolism (blood clot) on July 5th, 2012. The memorial service has already taken place. I will be requesting that her LJ account be put in memorialized status.

Ankhorite was a smart, caring and overall wonderful person, and is dearly missed by everyone she touched.


Time for Some Frivolity

Seen on pshaw_raven's journal:

Ankh visited 29 states (58%)     Create your own visited map of The United States

Maybe I went thru Rhode Island, but I don't think so, so I left it out. Georgia should hardly count; I never got out of the airport. But add Puerto Rico, where my college roomie lived. I went to a NOW convention for three days in Colorado, eons ago. Going to con again this year, I think. It's just right up the street in Baltimore, June 29 - July 1. Anybody else gonna be there?


Nephew: UPDATE 4

EARLIER POST: heresmall graphic of yellow ribbon

UPDATE 4: First, thanks to everyone for the moral support over the past 72 hours. It meant a lot to me. The whole family (Nephew most of all, of course) has complete adrenal exhaustion at this point. Our relief is unspeakable, as is our fear for the future and our sadness for the two people lost. And, for me, for all the people lost on every side of this multi-faceted mess. A week's worth of punitive bombing missions ought have been sufficient -- were there not big profits to be made, and Cheney's fantasies of the overland oil pipeline -- instead of this ten-years-plus of pointless agony.

Second, it seems best not to put his narrative anywhere on the internet just yet. If the perps go true to pattern, there will be another attack this week. He's working more than double-shifts to try to quell that, but obviously, that's all he can say.

Third, I have to give props to an invention which saved innumerable lives during the June 1 attack: the Hesco Bastion. Here's a photo, and you can click through it to see the many different configurations. Scroll down a page to see how they arrive in trucks. I know I mentioned them before, but they are just too cool. Wish New Orleans had these during Katrina. And that is all.

EARLIER POST: heresmall graphic of yellow ribbon

UPDATE 2: He is "banged up" (how? how much? is he minimizing?) but "okay," per brief phone contact from Afghanistan with his brother's brand-new bride.

That is all.

Nephew's Base Attacked This Morning

I am terrified. Please, anyone, if you find news about "civilian" casualties -- he's a contractor, not a uniformed Marine at this point -- please let me know. Communications with the base may be (almost certainly have been) shut down so they can do Next of Kin notifications if necessary.

There's no number to call. You just have to wait. So if you see a ref to "NATO contractors" or "BAE contractors" or "US contractors," please please give me the URL.

The province is spelled Khost or Khowst; stories about either one are stories about this.

FOB Salerno Attacked Text behind cutCollapse )


Vizsla v. Wolf

Less than 2.5 minutes of a vizsla stalking a wolf. All of my hunting dogs have done this. Gem used to go ballistic over a small black iron doorstop in the shape of a cat silhouette we'd drive past on our way home from the vet. Queen Dog went insane over a kitty-cat cut-out in the vet's garden. My mother's shih-tzu would slo-mo stalk her own metal water bowl from time to time, for no reason we could detect.

And my maternal uncle, a subsistence hunter, was once outfoxed by a neighbor and spent nearly an hour belly-crawling through the snow with his bow in pursuit of what he thought was a deer. I'll say no more, just watch, WITH THE SOUND ON:

My thanks to mckennl!



It fucking snowed here Monday. SNOW. Okay, for less than a minute, but STILL.

I'm fifty miles east of the Blue Ridge Mountains and I guess this was a little bit of their snow.

But STILL. It was supposed to go down to 33F/0C Tuesday night, which meant I had to drag everything tropical back into the house: orchid, clivias, lipstick plant, etc. and my flats of polkadot plants.

So I'm holding off on planting anything (our frost-safe date is allegedly April 1 or April 15 — I don't bother keeping exact track of a lie — we have learned it is really May 15). I dragged the lipstick plant and the orchid back into the house. I'm fretting over the safety of my petunias and unplanted herbs... bring them in, plant them, what?

I will shortly leave for a two-week trip and I can't find a plant-sitter, which is making this worse. I thought that without a dog, I could travel with a clear conscience but nnnoooOOoooooooo.

I have some dissectum Japanese maples which require the tenderest of loving care, i.e., copious watering. Dammit.

Anxious Auntie

This boy died right by Nephew's base week before last, knocking out communications with Nephew until Specialist White's next of kin could be identified. What the press release doesn't tell you is that three other men were horribly injured as well and may die (or may have already died) of their injuries.

I am to see Nephew in Illinois in early May when he returns home for his brother's wedding (that's Nephtoo, if you're keeping track).

I got to see Neph-3, Savant's sister's son, this past weekend. He is ten. In eleven years, he'll be as old as Specialist Jeffrey White. I hope we're out of Afghanistan by then.small graphic of yellow ribbon

I don't know how Nephew's mother gets through the days. I really don't.

Have I mentioned that Nephew's mission is IED suppression?


Fashion, Fance As...

Awww! Look behind the cut to see what fatfred found for me!

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